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Information about the town of Appleby

A Quick Guide

A historic market town Appleby was named as "the apple place". With the River Eden running through the middle and the Fells all around, picturesque buildings unchanged for hundreds of years it can be said to be in the Heart of the Eden Valley. It is a quiet and close knit town. Known world wide for hosting once a year the largest and oldest of the Gypsy-Romany Horse Fairs. It also recently made headlines as a town devastated by flooding in 2015. Appleby is rebuilding and recovering, nature has come back in force and the cherry blossom trees and flowers around the park are proof the town can not loose its beauty.

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Hotels and Accommodation

There are a number of Bed and Breakfasts in Appleby, as well as hotels and holiday homes available for the week. Take a look at this website for a list of available places, book early to avoid disappointment as the Summer is a busy time for tourists.

*places to stay in Appleby*

Food and Drink

Appleby has lots of cafes and pubs, most pubs in the town serve food all day and there are plenty of places to grab afternoon tea. Take aways include pizza, fish and chips, Chinese and Indian food. You can see more of the places to eat here:

*food and drink in Appleby*

We give a special mention to the Hub Cafe, to be found in Appleby's Community Hub, they create amazing fresh food with a new menu every day, locally sourced, vegetarian and vegan options, whilst also providing a place for people with disabilities to find a place of work and make friends. We highly recommend this friendly and welcoming place!

Other Services

There is a post office and cash machines in the town, as well as general stores for all your needs. A swimming pool, library and church.
Theres lots to do in Appleby, play parks for children, historic walking tours, and did we mention theres a gigantic castle too!!!


The Castle

With the site dating back to Roman times and a gloriously intact Keep thats over 900 years old, Appleby's castle is one of the Lake Districts finest. Historically significant and rich in culture and art it really is a sight to see when visiting the town. A varied history being passed between England and Scotland over and over, it has homed Kings and Lords, now it is a place for the theatre and festivals of Appleby to celebrate. It reopened its doors in 2013 for events and tours, so make the trip if you can!