Catch! Festival 2018

Camping is included with a Full Week Ticket.

Camping Areas

-Loud Camping
Closest to the main site, this area is for people who like to make some noise, stay up late and party.

-Family Camping
Closest to the toilets and help point. Will be relatively quiet at night...not so much early in the mornings. A space for appropriate language and looking out for one another.

-Quiet Camping
Located furthest from site. No loud late nights and no "rise and shines" in the early morning. A quiet space for calm and sleeping. 

-Camper van and Caravan area
If you wish to bring a live in vehicle you must purchase an additional ticket, the spaces for such things are limited. The area is its one separate from tents camping hard standing area, there are no electricity or water hook ups.
There will be no exceptions made if you turn up with a camper/caravan and no additional ticket. Appleby has many camping and caravan sites nearby that you will be directed to.


Camping Information

How far are we from the main site?

Our camping location has changed, we are now around 200 yards from site. it is all path/paved so easy to walk there

How accessible is the camping?

Although there are paths around the edge of the camping field that can easily be used my wheelchairs, pushchairs and bikes the camp site is grass and to get amongst the tents you must be able to travel over grass. We try our best to accommodate everyone so please get in touch if this will be an issue for you.

Can we have camp fires or cook on the camp site?

This is a major NO now. the grass is dry and ready to go up in flames, no cooking, no fires, no bbqs no smoking, absolutely no flames or sparks of any sort are permitted

Can I bring a gazebo?

Yes! There's loads of room and they are fun hang outs and good meeting places! 

Are there toilets and showers on the campsite?

yes. these will be near the entrance of the camp site

How do I reserve a camping space?

You can't, spaces are a first come first served basis, theres room for everyone so don't panic if you can't get here as soon as the gates open.



Our event takes place in a beautiful area, where wildlife and humans can enjoy the fields, hedgerows and streams. To littler is to damage this area and disrespect the community that welcomes us. It is never acceptable to litter or abandon your possessions after camping. 
We will provide every camper with a bin bag, and there are many bins on site. Help us keep this unique and stunning area clean, tidy and as magical as its always been!

Respect the Farm

We are camping on farm land, land that before we arrive and after we are gone will be worked, carefully used and cared for. The countryside code applies to us still. There can be no damaging of hedgerows to make paths, no climbing of fences, no dogs and no mess left behind. Such things can take seconds to destroy but weeks and years to repair. The animals that will live on the land after us will thank us if we take care of it!