Catch! Festival 2018

The Biggest and Best show at the whole CATCH! event held on the Thursday night on site.

The Gala show's aim is to showcase the highest standard of juggling and circus acts, we will have performers coming from all over the world; USA, Africa, Europe and the UK. Full of glitz glamour, high throws and daring catches the show will be like nothing seen before...or ever again!

Tickets for just the Gala show are available on the "Tickets" page, and the Appleby Tourist Information. So invite your friends and family along to watch the highlight of the week!

We will announce the performers over the months running up to the event. See the list below to find out who has already been announced and find out more about them and their act.



Kris Kremo

kris kremo                   kremo

A true juggling legend, Kris Kremo was born in 1951 to world famous "Gentleman Juggler", Bela Kremo. Train as a child by him he began his own career at just 19. His success was immediate and can be said to surpass that of his father, he has performed for many famous circuses, including Blackpool's Tower Circus, and many Las Vegas circuses. As well as performing for Queen Elizabeth and for King Carl Gustav of Sweden, Kremo still tours today all around the world. His skills with three balls, hats and cigar boxes are a sight to behold, the speed and precision are his trademark. We are very excited to announce his act for our Gala Show! Watch a video of him from 1984 TV here!


Matthew Tiffany


You may recognise him as the host of Cumbria's previous Circus show, well he was so popular we've got him back for this year, but as an act!
A professional musician and juggler from Leeds, Matthew has made a name for himself as a jack of all trades. His acts are filled with humour from puns to slapstick, hardly any room to pack in all his amazing skills.. but he manages it! Rola-bola, balances, seven ball tricks and crazy contraptions he's built himself, we can't wait to see what he has in store for us. Known for doing the famous Brunn combination tricks he's sure to wow us all and make it seem like he's not even trying! watch one of his cool promo videos here!


Arttu Lahtinen


Arttu is coming all the way from Sweden to us and will be performing some crazy ring juggling moves. His juggling videos were some of the most watched and popular in the last few years. Check them out here. and get hyped for the show!



Florence Huet

florence huet 1             florence huet2   

A hooper with a tonne of style! Florence has been juggling hoops since 2007. After 10 years of ballet, she followed classes at the Regional Centre of Circus Arts in Lomme (France). She completed her training with several short courses in juggling and dance and has been working since then on composing juggling with a unique style. Beside her solo act Dakatine, she is part of a juggling opera show directed by Jerome Thomas, Hip 127 La Constellaion des Cigognew.

Her solo act Dakatine will be performed in the CATCH! gala show. Check out her videos here!



Loz Because

loz because

Our hostess with the most-est for the Thursday night Gala Show is non other than the expertly hilarious and outrageously glamorous Loz Because! Wowing us with hoop skills, and guiding us through the stars of the show, she was a firm favourite of the British Juggling Convention Gala crowd in 2013, she's a producer and performer in Swing Circus of Bristol. She's bringing her own brand of awesome to the show and we can't wait to see whats in store!


Sakari Männistö

s m

Introducing Sakari Männistö, a high skill level club and ball juggler, known for his work in the international aclaimed Gandini juggling troupe he is also a huge influencer of all modern juggling, with the help of his film Juggle Doll. Get ready for some seriously cool club manipulations and tricks as he takes to the stage in our Gala Show.