Catch! Festival 2018

Getting to CATCH! is easy! You can use public transport or drive and park your car on site at no extra charge. Maybe you would even consider car sharing with other jugglers who want to come, and help us keep petrol machines to a minimum.

The official address for the site is:
Appleby Grammar School
CA16 6XU

To give you a better idea of where you are heading, here's where in the UK the event will be held:

Here is a closer look. You can see the site is marked with a red star, the nearest cities with airports have been marked with a yellow star. The orange lines are motorways and A roads.

Please note the city of Carlisle has an airport that will be operating from Spring 2018 onwards, we have not included it here as destination and flight information is not available yet. We will update this site when it is.

By Plane

As shown above there are many cities with airports to choose from. We recommend flying to Manchester or Leeds airports as these have the best rail links to the town.

Choose where's best for you, if your friends live in a city fly to there and travel to the event with them, it'll be lots more fun and you won't get as lost that way!


By Train

Appleby has its own station! Its located just a 5 minute walk from the event site! See below for the map. 

station location

Appleby has a direct line to Carlisle ( approx. 40 min ) and Leeds ( approx. 2 hrs ). This is a great way to get to us because not only is it a beautiful line but is also the most fun way!

You can easily connect to Carlisle station from Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


By Automobile

Appleby is well connected by road. Although we are in the countryside there are no long winding roads to travel down or complicated directions.

Appleby is directly next to the A66 which can be accessed from the A1 and M6. Just one turn off an A road and you are there in the centre of town.

Its best to "Google Maps" your own personal location to find the best route to us, but below we have shown some popular locations and their travel times to give you a rough idea.

-Leeds to Appleby approx. 1hr 25
-Manchester to Appleby approx. 2hr
-Glasgow to Appleby approx. 2hr
-London to Appleby approx 4hr 55

By Bus

Appleby can be reached by bus using the Penrith-Appleby number 563 bus service, which calls at Kirkby Thore and Temple Sowerby, its operated by Stagecoach. Details are available from the Stagecoach website.

By Foot

If you live locally why not walk to our event? If you live in Appleby we are only a 5 minute walk from the centre of town.

walk there


By Hot Air Balloon

-make sure you have enough sandwiches for the journey

-untie your balloon and ascend

-look down and keep an eye out for jugglers and people spinning things, this will be the event site

-gently descend your balloon into the designated "Hot Air Balloon Area"


Safe travels folks, see you soon on site!