Catch! Festival 2018

We will be using the lovely Appleby Grammar School as a site this year. We will take care of this site and respect the boundaries of the school grounds.

Site opens 2pm on Monday, ticket holders will be permitted onto all of the site and camping site at this time. Friday is the last day and everyone must be off site by 6pm Friday.

On site facilities include:
-phone charging
-safe storage: lockers can be used and are located next to Hall 1
-food: various food vendors on site, as well as the school canteen and vending machines
-drink: bar tent open each evening
-information desk: help on all issues and local knowledge

Take a look at the pictures below to get a birds eye view of what is where.

The yellow dotted line shows the site boundaries.



Here the juggling spaces are labelled.


Located on site will be:

-3 large juggling halls

- 3 classroom spaces for workshops

-projection room for Circus Cinema screenings

-stalls and traders room

-grand library for board games and quiet space

-kids tent

-balloon room

-stage area for performance workshops and small shows

-information and help point