Catch! Festival 2018

Workshops are a key part of any juggling convention and we will have plenty of them!

Workshops will be in all kinds of circus skills, there will be classes for beginners, experts and anyone in-between. This is a chance to be taught some crazy skills by the best in the world!
Learn juggling, cigar boxes, site-swap skills, poi spinning, diabolo, staff, partner acro and much more!
As well as having workshops that will cover elements of performance and give you a chance to train on a stage with people in the industry, have your act viewed and advised, pick up some clowning tips and gain some confidence!

    juggling                             hats

We will also have workshops that are nothing to do with the circus, but that are still fun and in skills that others want to share, things like MAGIC TRICKS and BALLOON MODELLING, various arts and craft sessions and games workshops that children and people who work with children will find educational!

Its set to be a jam packed schedule so far!

balloon                  games


Email: if you would like to run a workshop or just sign up for one when you arrive!